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During this time of crisis we are offering free home/workplace delivery to most Perth suburbs.
  • Red bread... need we say more? Bodhi's Beetroot Sourdough is a beautiful velvety bread made with freshly shredded beetroot which gives it a subtle earthy yet sweet taste.
  • Spelt Flour Hemp Loaf is an all natural bread which is low FODMAP, Vegan Friendly and Low Sodium.
  • Spelt Flour Hemp Loaf with Rosemary is an all natural bread which is low FODMAP, Vegan Friendly and Low Sodium.
  • This bread is for the ones who like  a heart rye bread. It is a dense dark rye bread which mix of spices. One slice goes a long way.  Delicious toasted as it brings out the aroma of the spices.
    • No artificial colours
    • No preservatives
    • No additives
  • Gluten Free Waffle Mix Photo
    An excellent choice for the health conscious. This mix is rich in fibre, high in protein. It is free of allergens (i.e. gluten , wheat, soy, nuts, egg, dairy, and yeast) and is vegan friendly. And full of flavour!        
  • This loaf is one of our new Gourmet Range. It is our take on a traditional sourdough.We use freshly shredded pumpkin and turmeric to achieve the taste and colour. It is a fun, tasty loaf which adds not only flavour but also colour to any meal or table.  It is sure to be a hit with all ages.
    • Spelt
    • No artificial colours
    • No preservatives
  • Available online and at selected IGA stores. The Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata) is a native tree unique to Western Australia. It grows in the rich, environmentally pristine native forests stretching from Perth to WA’s South West.  Jarrah is an amber coloured honey with a full bodied nutty malt flavour.  Jarrah honey is considered a prized honey amongst beekeepers as the forests that it comes from dwindle in size from dieback and clearing.
  • Available online and at selected IGA stores.
    Red Gum also known as Marri, Eucalyptus Calophylla. Red Gum honey is of a clear golden colour, and a milder and very smooth flavour.
  • Available online and at most IGA stores. Simply just add water , shake and bake. Blended with wholegrain chickpea flour and resistant starches to create a morning treat that is nutritious and health for the whole family.
  • A great source of wholegrain fibres, quality proteins and natural vitamins and minerals. Eating just 2 slices per day will help maintain better digestive balance.
  • Chia Linseed Loaf is an extremely soft and moist bread experience. A great tasting bread which is rich in omega 3 oils, and provides a healthy source of antioxidants and essential amino acids.
  • We all need to indulge in something sweet every now and then. However, often those who have intolerances are unable to find products that are tasty but free of allergens. That's when we come in...Bodhi’s Carrot & Walnut Loaf was handcrafted for that reason. It is tasty and moist, free of gluten and soy. However, everyone can enjoy a piece or two!