The truth about carbs and exercise

In the last few years the debate between the pro carbohydrate and pro fat camps has reignited with many suggesting carbohydrates should be avoided at all costs. Meanwhile, scientists and sports nutritionists continue to advocate the significance of dietary carbohydrates.

So who’s right?

The fact is, many athletes have been misguided on ‘zero or low carbohydrate’ diets. These diets have been shown to be ineffective for anyone training to pack on muscle.

When consumed in appropriate amounts, carbohydrates provide better energy levels, support growth, prevent muscle protein from […]

The Glycemic what?

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Food for thought from Bodhi’s Bread

Every time you eat bread you have an opportunity to improve your diet. But which bread do you choose? Just because one loaf looks browner than another, it doesn’t necessarily mean its wholegrain or 100% rye, or that it has more fibre.

The best place to start is the ingredient list. Pay special attention to the first few ingredients. Number one on the list of most rye breads is actually none other than wheat, which explains why they’re lighter in colour and weight than […]