Gluten and Wheat Free Pizza Base 2pk


These pizza bases are low in fat, sugar and are Gluten and Wheat free. It is simply enough to say they tastes like real pizza!

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A great source of protein and dietary fibre. These pizzas are low in fat, sugar and are FREE of  Gluten, Wheat and Dairy. However very tasty just like real pizza! * 100% Gluten FREE

The Wheat Free Pizza base is a soft, gluten free pizza base that when baked on the wires or on a perforated tray allows people unable to have wheat or gluten the chance to taste real pizza again. Enjoy this with your favourite toppings and experience the joys of pizza once again. This pizza is great for people looking wheat and gluten free pizza that still is a good source of dietary fibre.

Health Benefits

This is a Gluten and Wheat free pizza that contains good amounts of wholegrain soy and resistant starch rich maize to ensure that it is not devoid on nutritional goodness like so many other gluten free products.


Water, Maize Flour, Soy Flour, Potato Flour, Rice Flour, Arrowroot, Olive Oil, Psyllium, Yeast, Vegetable Gums (412) (460), Raising Agents (500) (575), Grape Extract, Citrus Fibre, Vitamins(Thiamine, Folate).

Contains Soy

  • FREE of animal fats & preservatives
  • 100% GMO FREE
  • 100% Egg FREE
  • 100% Dairy FREE

Nutritional Information

Gluten and Wheat Free Pizza Base Nutritional Information


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