At Bodhi’s Bakehouse we have chosen to use Organic Seeds for 3 very important reasons:

1. Your Nutrition

Recent studies suggest that organically grown fruit and grain provide more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than conventional food. It makes sense that the nutritional value of conventional food will diminish through poor farming practices, early picking, over processing and extended storage.

2. Your Health

The use of pesticides, chemicals and additives in conventional food has been linked to a large variety of illnesses. Some of these include cancer, heart disease, migraines, allergies, nerve damage and birth defects.

3. Our Environment

By consuming organic produce we are helping to conserve and protect our natural resources. Organic farming practices are sustainable and avoid the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. This then improves the quality of our soil, air and water which creates a better environment for people, plants and animals.

The Organic Whole Grains

We stone grind Organic Whole Grains to a coarse, creamy flour just before mixing, in order to minimize oxidation and preserve all nutrients in the grain. All of our organic grains come from certified organic producers and are directly delivered from producer to the bakery.

For most of our breads we use Rye and Spelt (an ancient relative of wheat). Ancient grains are easy to tolerate and are nutritionally superior to modern wheat. They have substantially less gluten, more water soluble protein, a wide variety of minerals, natural anti-oxidants, essential phytonutrients and also a distinctive, sweet nutty flavour. We also use Lupin, Oats and Barley for a growing number of our products.

The Granite Stone Mill

Stone milling is the oldest, slowest, and best method of grinding Whole Grains into the dense and creamy flour we use for our breads. It is a gentle and cool process that preserves every good part of the grain—the entire berry is homogeneously transformed into flour.

All the protein, oils and vitamins from the germ, all the sugars and starches from the endosperm, and the tiny bits of bran are there in the final fresh flour.

Our mill, using natural granite stones, grinds slowly, never overheating the flour. Since we grind only a small amount of grain at once, the fat from the germ is well distributed which also minimizes spoilage.

We transform this authentic Whole Grain flour into a live dough within hours of being ground.

Our range of spelt/rye/wheat breads are all made with the finest spelt flour available. Our Spelt breads spend a very long time in natural frementation to let the all Natural Spelt Sourdough to do its work on the ingredients. Being 100% free of additives and preservatives these loaves will leave you with a nutty taste sensation the whole family will love.

Major Health Benefits

All our organic and stoneground products are loaded with nutrients. Being free of any chemical contamination there are very low levels of possible allergenics. For further information regarding it’s health benefits click any of the links below: