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During this time of crisis we are offering free home/workplace delivery to most Perth suburbs.
  • Available online and at selected IGA stores. The Jarrah tree (Eucalyptus marginata) is a native tree unique to Western Australia. It grows in the rich, environmentally pristine native forests stretching from Perth to WA’s South West.  Jarrah is an amber coloured honey with a full bodied nutty malt flavour.  Jarrah honey is considered a prized honey amongst beekeepers as the forests that it comes from dwindle in size from dieback and clearing.
  • Spelt Organic Home Bread Mix 2kg
    Easy to make by hand or machine.
  • Available online and at selected IGA stores.
    Red Gum also known as Marri, Eucalyptus Calophylla. Red Gum honey is of a clear golden colour, and a milder and very smooth flavour.
  • We call this Krumpet. Yes because it is somewhat like a crumpet, has a flat top, porous texture but it is not like other crumpets as it is wheat free and certainly has no preservatives!! This is a delicious, very low carb and high protein bread that you can make in only 90 seconds!!
  • Bodhi’s Organic maple syrup contains no preservatives nor any other ingredients or additives. Our organic maple syrup’s delicate aroma and surprising generosity will literally make your taste buds dance.
  • Red bread... need we say more? Bodhi's Beetroot Sourdough is a beautiful velvety bread made with freshly shredded beetroot which gives it a subtle earthy yet sweet taste.
  • This loaf is one of our new Gourmet Range. It is our take on a traditional sourdough.We use freshly shredded pumpkin and turmeric to achieve the taste and colour. It is a fun, tasty loaf which adds not only flavour but also colour to any meal or table.  It is sure to be a hit with all ages.
    • Spelt
    • No artificial colours
    • No preservatives
  • Lupin Cookies Designer Wise are a tasty treat for those that need to maximise their dietary intake of good oils.
  • These round filled  in with berry preserve are an excellent choice for the health conscious. Bodhi's Sweetheart cookies are gluten free and vegan friendly.
    • No preservatives
    • No artificial colors
    • No dairy
    • No yeast
    • No gluten
  • Out of Stock
    This is a lovely buttery shortbread that gets a boost of flavour from fresh lemon zest.
    • No gluten
    • No preservatives
    • No Artificial colours
  • Gluten Free Chocolate Macadamia Cookies are part of the all new Bodhi’s range of cookies free of gluten, but not free of taste.
  • Vegan Anzac (Al-Free) Biscuits are a home-style biscuit that has no added colours or preservatives, and is free of wheat, gluten, diary and yeast, making these biscuit the perfect vegan treat.