• This bread is high in quality protein, omega 3 and lower in carbs than regular bread. Just 2 slices per day will provide up to 30% of your daily fibre needs maintaining an excellent digestive balance.
  • Wupper Fruit Loaf is based on our old fashioned traditional northern European bread, created completely with rye flour. We have added a healthy dose of currants and sultanas to give this rye loaf a soft sweet balanced taste.
  • Certified NASAA Organic no.6308 A great source of organic nutrients. This loaf is rich in vitamins and minerals,while still providing a rich source of high quality protein and fibre, with a very Sour Dough index.
  • Sprouted Mixed Grain Breadcrumb is made up of Wholegrain Spelt, Rye and Barley Grains.
  • Organic Crumbs are made up of Organic rye and wheat grains and flour.    
  • This bread is a rich source of omega 3, while still providing a great source of protein. This bread will give you a great boost of Low GI energy, while still providing a great source of your daily fibre requirements.
  • Barley Honey & Oats 580g
    A great source of wholegrain fibres, quality proteins and natural vitamins and minerals. Eating just 2 slices per day will help maintain better digestive balance. This bread is easy for the body to digest and has a very Low GI.